Angie & Tim

March 8, 2019Rockmart, GA

The Wedding

Friday, March 8, 2019
5:00 PM
Attire: Formal
Ceremony and Reception
In The Woods
2173 Cartersville Hwy, Rockmart, GA 30153, USA

The ceremony site is outdoors, but covered and partially heated. Please bring an umbrella if our day is rainy :)

Please arrive early (around 4:30pm) for the wedding. Shuttles will be ready and waiting to take everyone to the ceremony!

We love your kids, but respectfully ask that they not attend.

Reception and dinner to follow our ceremony at the same venue.

We can't wait!

Wedding Party

Caitrin Coccoma - Matron of Honor

My Cousin!
Years Known: 31
From: Cooperstown, New York
Favorite Memory: Growing up together and having her be my constant support.
Fun Fact: We used to terrorize our brothers and our parents. Hopefully we do that less now.

Casey Nairn-Mahan - Bridesmaid

My NYC roommate!
Years Known: 7
From: Albuquerque, New Mexico & Brooklyn, New York
Favorite Memory: Coccomacation! (Our summer beach trips)
Fun Fact: Casey is by far the best thing I've ever found on Craigslist.

Cristina Mendonca - Bridesmaid

My partner in sea lion training!
Years Known: 7
From: Staten Island, New York
Favorite Memory: When we took a trip to Harry Potter World with my mom!
Fun Fact: Cristina is the one who convinced me to move to Atlanta in 2016


Jessica Anderson - Bridesmaid

My other NYC roommate!
Years Known: 6
From: Durham, North Carolina
Favorite Memory: Late nights in Brooklyn and summer beach trips.
Fun Fact: She just became Dr. Anderson!

Daniel Herb - Best Man

My big, wise brother
Years Known: 31
From: Anywhere our dad got stationed(he was born in northern California)
Favorite Memory: Staying up all night playing Bottom of the 9th on Sega Saturn.
Fun Fact: Danny once unknowingly danced on Francisco Franco's grave. Take that, fascism.

Andy Herb - Groomsman

My big, crazy, late brother
Years Known: 31
From: Anywhere our dad got stationed(he was born in central California)
Favorite Memory: When he took me to my first hardcore/metal show at Uncle Doctors in Columbia, SC.
Fun Fact: Andy was an eclectic guy, proficient in illustration, guitar, drumming, skateboarding, and eating ramen and doritos like fine cuisine.

Kevin Bradley - Groomsman

My best friend
Years Known: 16
From: Sumter, SC
Favorite Memory: A 12-hour stretch of playing Tony Hawk's Underground while listening to Soilwork and eating red bean and cheese chimichangas.
Fun Fact: Kevin is an accomplished, licensed architect

Matthew Cote - Groomsman

My best friend
Years Known: 19
From: Jacksonville, FL/Sumter, SC
Favorite Memory: The countless all-nighters we spent playing Pokemon on our Gameboys.
Fun Fact: Matthew somehow taught his 3rd graders how to build robots.

Navi Herb - Flower Girl

Our niece!
Age: 7
Navi is in the second grade, and she LOVES horses!

Andy Herb - Ring Bearer

Our nephew!
Age: 6
Andy is in Kindergarten, and he's a big-time wrestling fan.